Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Through this Privacy Policy created in compliance with Peruvian Law Number 29733, the Personal Data Protection Law and its Regulations and Peruvian Supreme Decree Number 003-2013-JUS, Blessed Hotel SAC (hereinafter THE COMPANY) informs about Treatment of the Personal Data of the Users.

General objective

THE COMPANY may process the personal data of users at any time that they come into contact with THE COMPANY through digital means, and THE COMPANY may share the data obtained with its related companies and those companies with which it maintains commercial relationships in order to treat them in accordance with the guidelines developed in this Privacy Policy. Said personal data will be stored in our Personal Data Bank.

In this sense, THE COMPANY will share the personal data provided in order to be included, for the same purposes, in the databases of BLESSED HOTEL SAC - a subsidiary company. Likewise, for the purposes of carrying out the Personal Data Processing described above, BLESSED HOTEL will contract the services of the following companies, which will have access to your data to manage and treat them as third parties in charge: (i) JCL, software in charge of providing services storage, said Personal Data Processing is carried out in accordance with the rules on personal data protection.

In addition, to fulfill the purposes described, the COMPANY will transfer personal data to the following travel agencies:

- Viviajando EIRL, Jr. Arica 253, Urb. Los Geranios, San Felipe - Comas, Lima, Peru.

- Marcona Travel SRL, Marcona, Ica, Peru.

Users are not obliged to provide their personal data, except in the cases provided for in the relevant regulations. If you do not provide your personal data, THE COMPANY will not be able to contact users to provide them with a complete service or fulfill the purposes established in the following subtitles.

Specific objectives

Processing of personal data

A. Types of personal data collected

The personal data to be collected can be in the following mention:

- Names and surnames

- Email address

- Nationality

- Phone number

- Identification card

- Address

- Gender

- Payment information

This list is not restrictive and other personal data may be collected according to the purpose. You will be informed in advance about it.

B. Methods for collecting personal data

Personal data is obtained with the consent of users, who personally complete the corresponding web forms. In any case, users are always the only source used for the collection of personal data.

C. Transfer of information to third parties

Taking into account the purposes of data collection, THE COMPANY may transfer the personal data of users to third parties with whom THE COMPANY has commercial relationships to fulfill the purposes detailed below.

D. Treatment on demand

We inform you that third parties provide services to THE COMPANY in relation to the website and the services described therein. These third parties, in their capacity as managers, may have access to the personal data that you provided to THE COMPANY and the data will only be used to perform the services that you request from THE COMPANY, in accordance with Peruvian regulations on the protection of Data.

Purposes of the processing of personal data

All the personal data of the users obtained by THE COMPANY will be processed for the following purposes, in accordance with the authorizations granted by the users:

- Sending promotional information

- contests

- Surveys

- Newsletters

- Receipt of complaints

- Capture of reservations

- Capture of applicant resumes

In no case will personal data be treated differently from those purposes for which they were obtained and / or authorized by you. The main objective of THE COMPANY is to provide a good service to its users. For this, it is necessary to process the information provided. This allows us to design our services with user needs in mind.

Processing of personal data of minors

A. Children under 14 years of age

In the case of minors under 14 years of age, it will be the parental authority or guardian of the minor who must complete the COMPANY's web forms.

B. Children under 14 years of age and over

Those under 14 years of age and under 18 years of age may fill in the COMPANY's web forms provided they understand the reasons and purpose of the processing of their personal data.

In no case may THE COMPANY obtain the consent of minors in relation to activities related to goods and / or services restricted to adults.

Consent for the processing of personal data

Free, prior, express, unequivocal and informed consent is an essential requirement for THE COMPANY to be able to process users' personal data. We will ask for your consent when filling in the corresponding forms on our website.

User rights

Users have a series of rights contemplated in the pertinent Peruvian regulations that they can exercise at any time depending on what they want. You can exercise these rights by contacting THE COMPANY at its offices or via email and / or website.

Regarding personal data, users have the right to:

- Access: Users have the right to obtain information about their personal data that is being processed, as well as the manner, reasons and conditions for its collection.

- Rectification: Users may request the rectification of data that are erroneous, inaccurate or false.

- Cancellation: Users may request the deletion of their personal data from the COMPANY's databases when they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected, when the term for their treatment has expired, when users have your consent is revoked or when they are not processed in accordance with the relevant Peruvian regulations.

- Opposition: Users have the right not to have their personal data processed or to have their processing stopped when they have not given their consent to do so or when they have been obtained from a publicly accessible source. When users have given their consent, they may object to the processing of their data for justified and legitimate reasons.

Taking into account the above, the treatment by THE COMPANY of the rights exercised by the holders of personal data may be carried out through the following channels:

  1. to)   COMPANY website: The owner of personal data must fill in the "Information, Rectification and Rights Exercise Form", which is available to users by accessing the following link: https: // The owner You must enter the required personal data in the form. The owner of the personal data must attach their identity document and all the necessary information for the COMPANY to comply with their request.

Use of cookies

Cookies are programs that collect information from users' computers. These data are useful as they allow us to offer personalized content according to the location of the computer from which the Blessed Hotel page is accessed.

THE COMPANY and the pages the user has visited. The information collected through cookies will be treated under the same guidelines of this Policy and will receive the same protection as personal data.

Intellectual property

The contents, texts, videos, documents, advertising material, drawings, products and services, technical material or of any other type, databases, sounds, computer programs, corporate logos, distinctive signs, brands, graphic designs, combinations of elements, logos. and the images published on this website are protected by intellectual property rights and are the property of The Company.

By virtue of the foregoing, it is absolutely forbidden for users / visitors to copy, duplicate, disseminate, modify, transform, adapt and / or change in any way and by any means, the content of our website, source codes, design, selection . , and form of presentation of the materials and, in general, with respect to the information contained in this site.


A. Security measures employed

The COMPANY, in order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure and ensure the proper use of the information, has access security measures, information backups and logs that protect the information captured and processed, in accordance with the provisions of the Peruvian Personal Data Protection Law (LPDP).

B. Responsibility for the transfer of user information to THE COMPANY.

Although THE COMPANY maintains an adequate level of security in the treatment of users 'personal data, it cannot guarantee that the information will not be stolen when it is in transit from the users' computer or mobile devices to THE COMPANY's servers. . THE COMPANY is not responsible for the theft and use of information obtained by third parties in the manner described above.

Responsibility for the content of blogs or forums

THE COMPANY is not responsible for the publications made by users on their blogs or forums. The opinions expressed in blogs or forums do not reflect the point of view of THE COMPANY and are the responsibility of the users who published them.

THE COMPANY will not be responsible for the damages that the publications in its blogs or forums may cause by the use, reproduction, distribution or massive publication of photographs, videos or comments that are included under the protection of the Intellectual Property rights of third parties, without The users who have made the publications have previously obtained the authorization required for their correct use by the holders of such rights.

The users responsible for placing the contents in the blogs of THE COMPANY or in the forums of THE COMPANY will be solely responsible for any claim arising from the use and display thereof.

Users waive any right they may have over comments, photos or videos uploaded to blogs or forums of THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY may use such comments, photos and videos at its discretion for any purpose it deems appropriate.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to eliminate the publications made in its forums, blogs and the content found on its website without prior notice.

Responsibility for the content of social networks

THE COMPANY is not responsible for the information contained in the social networks that users can access through the COMPANY's website. The social networks in which both THE COMPANY and the users participate have their own security policies.

THE COMPANY is exempt from any liability that may arise from the malfunction and / or improper use of social networks, the falsity of the contents and the illegality of the way in which they were obtained, as well as any damages that may arise.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

THE COMPANY reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice.

User commitment

The introduction of incorrect data by users may prevent THE COMPANY from contacting users.

Likewise, the entry of data of minors made intentionally exempts THE COMPANY from any responsibility in the treatment of their personal data. To avoid these situations, users must accurately and reliably provide their personal data and update it periodically.

Users ensure that the personal data provided by them does not infringe the rights of third parties or any legal provision. Said information is considered ceded to THE COMPANY, which reserves the right to use and process it.