About Us


About us


At Blessed Hotel we seek to exceed customer expectations and promote the well-being of our employees. Also, we preserve the environment and contribute to the socio-economic progress of our region.


Blessed Hotel was originally born as a beach house, near the sea in the district of San Juan de Marcona (Ica-Peru), where the Asenjo Sánchez family spent summers with their closest friends and enjoyed a passion for fishing and fishing. Adventure sports, zodiac sailing or kayaking were part of the activities they shared.

Over time these were more and more numerous and the idea arose of attracting tourists to the area, in order to make them aware of the beautiful natural landscapes, the innumerable number of activities that are practiced, offering the public a different alternative and a market still unexplored.

This is how Blessed Hotel is created, with a modern infrastructure and modern design, without neglecting the warm and welcoming of the family atmosphere, offering a range of very varied tours for all types of people, we invite you to enter this wonderful world where everything can be real for those who want to live the adventure route.


Culture of integrity

Attention to detail

Vocation to service

Work as a Team

Spirit of overcoming